NICL Finals - Raiders take charge
Date of Event : Fri Sep 1, 2017 8:15PM

With more than $50,000 of prize money to play for, Australia’s leading indoor cricket sides have arrived in Melbourne – with a bang – for the 2017 Beastwear National Indoor Cricket League Finals.



Men’s Pool A


If early signs are anything to go by, the Croydon Raiders have their sights set on spoiling the party.


The invitational team from Victoria East zone have made a statement with two big wins, the first against South East Queensland’s Toowoomba Dragons (71-47) and the second against NSW Country champions Newcastle Steel (105-66).


Western Australia champions Seamer Snakes and ACT champion Wolves are also two from two, with the Dragons, Steel and Northcote Knights without a win from their two starts.




Men’s Pool B


Wynnum Seagulls and Frankston Sharks have set the standard with thumping first up wins.


Queensland’s Seagulls were too good for HPC TAS Huon and Channel, winning 152 to 20, while the Sharks edged out their namesakes – South Australia champions Morphett Vale Sharks – by just shy of 100 runs, 137 to 44.


Townsville Wildcatz also started with a win over the Macarthur Raptors, 97-67.






Western Australia champions Striker-Leeming Mustangs have claimed pole position after round one.


The Mustangs thrashed Queensland’s Ipswich Suns 125 to 51 in Round 1, with Victoria’s Kings and Springvale Scorpions also on the winners’ list.


The Kings were too good for South Australia’s Stepney United, 109-84, while the Scorpions also had a 25-run win, against New South Wales’ Mid North Coast Mavericks.




Day 1 Results


Men’s Pool A: Wolves ACT 77 (J. Stankovic 20) d Newcastle Steel 57 (D. Bailey 19); Croydon Raiders 71 (J. Perkins 21) d Toowoomba Dragons 47 (L. Teske 14); Seamer Snakes 70 (K. Hickey 23) d Northcote Knights 44 (J. Burns 15); Frankston Sharks 137 (J. Anderson 23, C. Rose 22, B. Rose 21) d Morphett Vale Sharks 44 (L. Ferguson 13); Seamer Snakes 74 (D. Hankin 19) d Toowoomba Dragons 61 (T. Gurski 20); Croydon Raiders 105 (J. Perkins 18, D. Scharenguivel 18) d Newcastle Steel 66 (A. Britt 14); Wolves ACT 79 (T. Floros 16) d Northcote Knights 69 (D. Worthington 16).


Men’s Pool B: Townsville Wildcatz 97 (K. Dearness 18, H. Searle 18) d Macarthur Raptors 67 (P. McKell 14); Wynnum Seagulls 152 (A. McDermott 31, M. Floros 26, J. McLean 20) d HPC TAS Huon & Channel 20 (A. Schwesinger 20).


Women’s: Kings VIC 109 (K. Gray 27, A. Baker 21, B. Whitmore 21) d Mid North Coast Mavericks 84 (A. Learoyd 14, J. McKenzie 14); Springvale Scorpions 113 (A. Jennings 19) d Stepney United 88 (C. Johnston 20); Striker-Leeming Mustangs 125 (G. Cassidy 23, K. Guglielmana 21) d Ipswich Suns 50 (K. Graham 22, Z. Barnard 21).

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